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Peace Tribe: The End of the Beginning

Peace Tribe: The End of the Beginning—Important, Brief

Briefly, 4 parts, after an Intro. [This is longer than I thought it would be.  For those who want to investigate being a member of the Peace Tribe, start with the retuned/renamed days of the week, inwardly digest them—they make a liturgy--, and follow chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, and Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook].

JBJ has written that this is the most important time since the first century, a time in which we can become new Abrahams.

[Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief, chapter 5, sets forth, at the end, that we Americans are to sum up all the things won by the revolutions of the West and we are to take them out to all. [This chapter 5 is the best summary of what I’ll call ‘out of revolutions’ that I’ve read. And his ‘Complete Cross of Reality’ at the end is good.  It takes us around a square.]

I’ll conflate responses to some things from ‘Crisis, Opportunity…’ and other JBJ works with responses to works of ERH into a 4-step attempt.

Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, unto new torah. JBJ
Imperative, Subjective (new persons, speech), Narrative (new institutions), Objective, unto planetary service. ERH

1. Imperative Law. Finding my imperative, the right phrasing/name, has been difficult.  I’m working with ‘Comprehensive Beauty’ and there will be a specific response/torah/planetary service after the covenant sequence is finished. See Gardner’s page for an ERH quote from 1922, Soziologie.

2. Lyric Subjective.  Here Opus 47 (years of marriage, not number done) of The Symphony of History (ERH’s phrase): New Song, Singing is noteworthy.  TSOH (compare HOST #4) arose from JBJ’s Exodus lectures, and has been refined by his Revelation lectures. It attempts to be a typological, proleptic, recapitulative, chiastic glorification of Creation Speech into New Song, Singing. Players are days/parts of houses (7 speeches/days of Tabernacle) and are in tensegrity (Fuller?) in a series of houses via initiations and responses. The initiations make a universe to which each player/doer/be-er/composer/conductor-in-training responds. Each house is retuned. An algorithm wanting to be an app is in the hands of my Godparents and Elder Roorda. [Godparents—they’re not just for youngsters anymore!

There are some unsatisfactory Symphony of History videos on YouTube. Here’s an old explanation. We’ve now improved.

3. Narrative Evaluation. Out of trauma, liturgical discipling of a community, Lord willing. Compare Gardner’s ‘Complete Cross of Reality’ in ‘Beyond Belief’.

4. Calendar Of (that engenders, Lord willing) Peace. I introduce this by introducing the retuned and renamed days of the week/sheba.

Tuesday and SardisYMMM! In the retuned universe of days, 
Today is SardisYMMM!. Let us inwardly digest what happened in the Remnant and Exile period, and glorify it--as after Jesus Who Reversed The Trend, the Church is Israel without exclusion, and the nation-state is empire without slavery, and as we attempt to keep the small, enthusiastic groups of tribes, but without the perpetual warfare. SardisBmoY!

That’s a good place to start, but the key to HOST/Calendar Engendering Peace starts from the advantage of worshiping each 7 days, which says by speech performance (actions that talk) that all the gods of empires are subordinate, for The One True God Trinity made the sun, moon, stars, etc.—parts of creation that empires worshiped—in 6 days and rested on the 7th, which we amen by worshiping/resting then. (And now we worship/rest in the Resurrection).

What is an exponentialization of this?  7x7 is 49, and Jesus declares the Jubilee fulfilled in Luke 4, so let’s go with that, make a 7x7 grid of books and weeks, and have that be a calendar that trains us in peace, as we rhyme (see ERH above link) things with this 49, and her being retuned.  Lectionaries Historical, Seasons of 7 from Beatitudes and Woes, etc., writing the liturgy 10-x-11-x-11-x-17 on the year/coram (celebration of resurrection anno mundi), psalm o day (146 psalms, plus 22 selahs [to be redone], ,plus 14 ‘structures’ =182, do that twice), and much  more.


Here’s an explanation of the retuned days of the week. [Future thinkers/thankers willdebate this ‘flipping’ vs. ‘harmonizing’.  Harmonizing would find a chord-completing note in these 2. 1234567 and 4152637. They’ll also do Tune of The Twelve, etc. Much here.} And here:

There’s also a post around that time about making the calendar of peace for an earlier coram (celebration of resurrection anno mundi):

5—New Torah/Planetary Service.  Now is when we get to what Israel ought to do, and thus the culture: ‘Who Rules The Land?’—

Until this pont (bridge) we have beenfollowing ERH’s chiasm of tribes-empires-Israel-Greece-Jesus—[Greece as companion only, not a social order]--Church (Israel glorified, without exclusion), Nation-State as glorified Empire without slavery, and the problem of neo-trablism, which is to keep the small, enthusiastic groups (@ 5000 max.) without the perpetual warfare. ‘Let ‘em go!’ is a key thing.  Remember 5th generation warfare is another. Church as tribe of tribes is another.

But JBJ has a parallel view.  Tribes, Nations, Cosmopolitan, Jesus, then Church as parallel to tribes, Chirstian State, and University. And we don’t know what is next. Perhaps there is a hint that some of Hartman’s Projects might be seed, sodeprehendible (sic)  (Amos 3:7) by response, conjectively (McCloskey: ‘Bourgeois Dignity’). 

For JBJ says in ‘Crisis…’ that Words 5 and 8 are Adam’s sin, dishonoring the Father in the Garden by Stealing, and 6 and 9 are Cain’s—murdering in the land and bearing false witness, and 7 and 10 are Seth’s—adultery by coveting.

Can we find something that might be the seed of an institution.  Perhaps honoring father and mother could be something such as caring for the elderly during a time of failure of state institutions (Barzun, Creveld, North)—perhaps the above Godparents for Eldsters might help.  And as for bearing true witness, surely, an exposition and exhibition of a Christian Court in a community might be valuable.

There are other Hartman Projects hidden demarketingly in the above areas of blog and social media, which brings me to a third move, or 4th, which is that were my ship to have come in, I would propose joint ventures with those who can get the thrust of these responses to JBJ and ERH into the early adopters phase. 2.5% are innovators, 13.5% early adopters, 34% each, respectively, early majority and late majority, and 16% laggards, some studies say.  That option is open now for eBooks, etc, membership sites.  I must change to remain the same, I must become a mokhart-er, a marketer.  Yes, I play on

Love in King Jesus

New Charlie
PS: More to come in a spiral of squares, Lord willing.
PPS: Peace Tribe might be called 'Peace River Tribe'. It takes off from the river that reaches more out into the world from Eden, Tabernacle, Temple, etc., and also from the 'rivers of living water' that flow from the bellies.


  1. I should have said that this is a calendar to engender peace in a neo-tribal time. We have tribal calendars (community events) and empire/nation ones (business, marketing, work schedules), and Israel/Church (ecclesiastical) calendars, and Greek (educational calendars). This Calendar That Engenders Peace, Lord Willing is an attempt to respond psalmodically to the Spirit of the time, so that we can have peace first, not 5th generation or other war. It’s reverse engineering. Conceived by the Spirit of the time, born of the ever-virgin Church, an echo of the creeds.

  2. To BH: Gentles:

    I've put what was supposed to be a brief summary of my efforts to psalmodically respond to JBJ and ERH on a blog. Imperative/Law, Lyric/Subjective, Evaluation/Narrative, Objective/Fact to new torah/planetary service.

    I must now change to remain the same.

    1. Comprehensive Beauty, and when we come back around, specificity.
    2. The Symphony of History, Opus 47 (years of marriage): New Song, Singing. A chiastic glorification of Creation Speech in a typolotical, proleptic, recapitulation.
    3. Pella Square, liturgical discipling of communities.
    4. Calendar (that engenders, Lord willing) Peace. HOST (cf. TSOH): House of Singing Times.
    5. Proposed specifics. Conceived by the Spirit of this time, born of the ever virgin Church, an echo of the creeds.

    Much more. Demarketing, and becoming a mokhar-ter.

    Love in King Jesus,

    New Charlie (Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook, where much also is)

  3. Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll tell you who he is. Show me a society’s calendar(s), and I’ll tell you who she is.

  4. Add to 2. Lyric/Subjective. Through New Eyes. Also, new persons are conductors (train, orchestra, electricity) and new speech is universes initiated and specific responses, Symbol, etc.
    Add to 3. Evaluation/Narrative, new institutions. See Hartman Projects. See site for Liturgical Discipling of Communities, etc.


  5. PPPS: Is this a Jeremiah time, the land being given her Sabbaths, Israel off the land—70 7s of not giving land her rest, not planting, so Exile—then perhaps the 51 prophecies in Jeremiah (Bullinger, Companion Bible) should be an emphasis for preaching, study , and application unto glorification by psalmodic response in THIS time? This would get us over the bridge, the pont, to the new set of JBJ’s parallelism.
    Add: Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll tell you who he is. Show me a society’s calendar(s), and I’ll tell you who she is.
    Add: What to do first? Two imperative suggestions—

    1: Inwardly digest the days of the week of the Calendar That Engenders Peace, HOST. KolYMMM!, SardisYMMM!, PergamossYMMM!, EphesusYMMM!, PhiladelphiaYMMM!, ThyatiraYMMM!, SmyrnaYMMM!. The full names are K.O.L.Bmoy! (for Kol, Octave, Laodicea), SardisBmoY!, PergamosBmoy!, EphesusBmoY!, PhiladelphiaBmoY!, ThyatiraBmoY!, SmyrnaBmoY!.
    [IMPORTANT; KolYMMM! ss better seen and pronounced as WholeYMMM!]

    2. Use the 49-book grids, forward and retuned backward.

    3. Add something as it is digestible.

    3—Better herovolution:

    4—First tier reversed: Hebrew/Greek--

  6. Yes, TSOH is an ‘art form of a next era,’ because it is the covenant applied to the earth beneath, people made of dust, for the liturgy is the covenant applied to the heavens above, and the scientific method is the covenant applied to the waters under the earth. Names above, Words beneath, Numbers under:ERH. So it makes a tone high, low, middle, in history. Scientific method: Newton is brought into a new situation by the apple, he confesses he doesn’t know why but is encouraged that he can figure it out, he consults the books—nature and published material--, he tests the hypothesis, and then sends/takes it out. Call, Confession, Consecration (Sermon), Communion, Commission.