Sunday, September 23, 2012

'Actors and Athletes Idolized': Solutions

Athletes and Actors.

Pastor mentioned today that contemporary society places great importance on athletes and actors.

Let’s apply the principles in both Leithart’s ‘Islam: Mirror of Christianity,’ and Jordan’s ‘Who Rules the Land?’ to see how we might turn this liability into an asset.  Here’s Leithart:
For Jordan, on can ‘google,’ or search

The principle is that we can see the errors of society as first originating in the errors of the church.

The error of the church that produces actors is not teaching and applying the truth that history is a great drama (or comedy—ending in a marriage—as Leithart says also elsewhere).  When we don’t get the drama of history portrayed ecclesiastically, an ‘actor-sized hole’ is in society, that is filled with poor substitutes.

Solution?  Maybe Opus 47: New Song Singing (in development). This attempts to become a typological, proleptic, recapitulational chiastic glorification of Creation Speech into New Song, Singing.

Warrior?  You might search for ‘Warriors of Light,’ which uses truths from Tom Woods’ ‘How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization’ and Pastor Burke Shade’s sermon on ‘Vessels’/Daniel 5. It’s on the first page of Google Search.

Love in King Jesus,

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