Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Armistice Day Beats Veterans Day

Key Levers Politically And What Technology Destroyed Europe WWI

Much political discussion is entertainment, that is ‘between holding’.

What are the keys to be held?

We could learn this by seeing what technology (yes, Marx!) made it such that WWI and WWII happened, for any new technology destroys the old group (yes, Rosenstock-Huessy!) while increasing the space over which one can operate, and decreasing the time it takes to do something.

Thus we re-member (sic—join ourselves again) history, that is, Armistice Day, a real time, a celebration of peace in which the whole people can celebrate at the same time, as one.

This is not only the general idea of having place one’s frail body between one’s loved home and the war’s desolation. Not a general idea, but a specific time. General ideas get lost, one cannot as well focus on them.

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month—November 11, A. D. 1918, the Armistice ending the fighting that was the end of Europe—one can get one’s mind and soul around that, and so too can every one, and the whole people can celebrate this one time, as one, on the same day.

So, what are the Key Levers?

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