Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Must Sing The Future Songs

FEW will even understand this: We Must Sing The Future Songs.

Sing The Future.

Sequel to ‘Form A Cross With Our Music in Lord’s Day Worship’.

And a wise thing would be this: Since the Past and the Future cause the Present, we should get so into the thoughts of God that we can somehow let the Future impact us in the typological liturgical battle on the Lord's Day.

That is, as He will have dragged us lovingly into His Future, changing us...what song (form) of the Future should we attempt to amen and vow in covenant renewal worship?

This IS deep.

When we only sing songs of the past, we are amening that the past and the present cause the future.
ERH calls this heresy.

We are locked in a room that has all the doors open.

The Holy Spirit adds to our groanings. We crawl before we walk before we run.

Shall I give an example? The best I can do now is a meta-example, an example of how to arrive at this.

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