Monday, September 26, 2011

Lectionary Historical

Lectionary Historical

Yes, we must know our history.

In the Hartman Calendar's* Lectionary Historical, it's been 21 ordinary weeks since Resurrection, and @ 40 years/week, that 840 years.

The time from A D 70 + 840 = 910: What was happening A. D. 910-950 that we need to remember.

And, backwards, 2100 - 840 = 1271-1231. What was happening then?

The book, The 100 Most Significant Events in Church History could help, and Timetables of History (not just church).

There are Lectionaries Historical for many periods possible.

'America' would be one, and we'd want to go, say 539 years each way (11 years per week of 49), a kind of 'Looking Backward' to help us hear the distant triumph song.

It's 81 years more or less per period from Creation to A. D. 70. 121 from Creation to Now.

To go the 16 billion years, you must stack up periods within each week, but that helps, since you can get to 49 seconds ago, and fine-tune your time sense. ERH's Soziologie has two parts. Space and Time, and the second is subtitled 'When the Times Must Be Obeyed.'

*'Rhymes' many covenant sequences unto comprehensive beauty.

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