Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Updates for Symphony and Calendar

Calendar And Art Form Updates: HOST/TSOH

I'll soon finish updating House (Peace) of Singing Times (Calendar) for this year (Coram, Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi).

I'll put Eldstering in it.*

Then I'll do the more fully articulated process for The Symphony of (Peace) History.

To arrange the universes of questions are asked and arranged to become the universes of questions to which to respond in each stage is my task.

Eventually I hope to have an app made, so that persons can play, do, be, compose, conduct in a version of The Symphony of (Peace) History, electronically.

HOST needs to be updated because it is even more useful now that it is done once, for the first time.

TSOH is calling for articulation because this is the time of the coram/year for it to be. That's how calendars work, they are schedules for society that manifest truths.

Wouldn't it be great to have 100 years of Symphonies done by a church, to show the progression, or vice versa, of the congregation? TSOH is a proleptic recapitulation from consummation to creation, and vice versa, typological.hospitality.evangelism.**

Love in King Jesus,


* I think it qualifies. In earlier times, days for celebrating lives of 'saints' were respective death days.

Then one would have a complete earthly impact finished.

Eldstering is a recognition of possible coming enfeeblement, befuddlement as one ages, and the vowing of non-family persons to help.

**In a way, it must be done to be understood. It's like learning to type, learning to play sports, learning a musical instrument.


Calendar And Art Form Updates: HOST/TSOH

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