Monday, August 8, 2011

Against Gnosticism--'Eating' Time/Taking Days In

Against Gnosticism--'Eating' Time/Taking Days In

We are ALREADY seated with Christ Jesus in the heavenlies, Eph. 2:6.

Part of my life's work is to have names of days that more accurately reflect the current firmament, the social one that has, in representation, the 7, yea 8 ages of history given to use in the Bible, the 8th being the result of the destruction of central worship in A. D. 70 so that we now worship with angels and archangels and all the host of heaven, Hebrews 12:22.

And it's 'retuned' so today we remember strongly Sardis, the Exile and Remnant period. SardisBmoY, for 'The Day' approaches us, drags us, from the future, and we take time in, this Remnant time, 'ymmmm'. SardsYmmmm. Sounds crazy, but that's my specialty.

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