Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sample of Lectinary Historical--A. D. 70


Dear Friends:

In the CalendarHOST (House Of Singing Times) there are 49 weeks, conforming to a form of JBJ’s 49-book Bible, literarily ordered.

To honor our father and mother in the form of history, I take certain eras and divide them into 49. Each week a part of the era is studied.

Thus, we learn history, and can praise the Lord of Providence.

Key eras are Creation to Present. Creation to A. D. 70. A. D. 70 to Present, and the Sixteen Billion Years Forward and Back (Mayan Calendar, Stapledon, ‘Science’.

We go both Before Present, and from the start.

For an example/ensample, I’ve chosen A. D. 70 to present.

It’s A. D. 2010, so that’s 1930 years, or about 40 per each of the 49 periods. [There’s always a Delay, it seems—I put that at the end).

Two more things. 1—What happened of significance, A. D. 70-A. D. 110, and A. D. 1970-A. D. 2010. 2—How are these events tied in, in covenant sequence flowing through history to echoes, foundations, etc.?

For this first week, I’m discussing A. D. 70, and what is thought of it today.

I have a solution.


In meekness and fear.

The A. D. 70 is misunderstood, yet it is and was very important. We need a holiday. On this holiday, in this holiday period, it can be explained and applied, as we do with other holidays.

Some think that in effect, A. D. 70 was the end of the world. Full preterists. Hyper-preterists.

Others think that what is depicted in Revelation (which I, following JBJ, think is almost totally the period from Pentecost to A. D. 70, and the typologicality of that) is still to come.

The holiday, I propose, should be days 71-77, inclusive, including Pascha/Easter.

More on this later.

This is a very brief example. We also have the names of the weeks, up and down, the tiaras oribiting these weeks, the Psalm O Day, etc. Host3900, I believe, is 100 pages I will be revising into a manual for House Of Singing Times CALENDAR.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck (Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook,

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