Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lectionary Historical Week 2--A. D. 110-150 and A. D. 1930- 1970


The Fifth Word/Commandment requires that we honor our fathers and mothers, the past, to inherit the land, the future.

To recap. The 'year' of HOSTCalendar begins at Easter/Pascha. As ONE EXAMPLE of Lectionary Historical, we take the time from A. D. 70 to present and divide it into 49 blocks, each block, then, about 40 years.
We are training ourselves to apprehend big chunks of time. Thus, we ask ourselves, what was a significant event of that block, those blocks, for we go both backward and forward.

For week one (Hebrews), the times are A. D. 70-A. D. 110, and A. D. 1970-present (A. D. 2010).

I proposed that the significant even of A. D. 70-A. D. 110 was A. D. 70 itself. The Public Vindication of Jesus Christ, James Jordan calls it. And the thread of that continues to the present, when we have significant differences of exegesis about what A. D. 70 means. I proposed a holiday for this significant event, from Day 71 after Easter, through Day 77. The time from Pentecost to Public Vindication, that holiday could be filled with studies of the books of the Bible.

The question for this week is for the readers: What are the significant events of the 2nd Week--Titus? Sources of information might be 'The 100 Most Significant Events in Christian History,' or 'Gonzalez' 'History of Christianity,' or 'Time Tables of History,' etc.

This year I give A. D. 70-Present as an example. Also to come are Creatin-A. D. 70 Uussher and Jordan), Creatoin-Present, and The 16 Billion Years--which will have significant changes--of the Mayan calendar, present 'science,' and Stapledon.

More next week. More on the rhymings of covenants in HOSTCalendar yet this week, Lord willing.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: This is a stitching of events through time and times, as we see how the significant events are flow and related in and through all eras. Hebrews 1:12. We stitch, are stitches of God in the new vestment.

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