Monday, November 2, 2009

'Through New Eyes' Pastorate of Future--And Past

Through New Eyes Pastorate of the Future—and Past

Don’t try this in an articulated fashion until the time is ripe, but do keep it in the back of your mind, please, as you minister. It is the method shown in Through New Eyes by which the Lord matured creation.
This is derived in large part from JBJ’s lectures on Revelation. In them, he shows that the 7 churches are related to (a) the days of creation, (b) eras in Bible history, and (c) the structure of the whole book of Revelation.
As an aside to this ‘TNE Pastorate,’ were one’s church like one of the 7, the era to which that church is related would be the one to study.
My view is that the method in Through New Eyes by which the Lord matured creation is typological, and can apply to the whole individual church, groups within her, families, and individuals.
As one’s words and actions move these respective one along the maturational path, one leads one’s congregation toward maturity.
In the Symphony material that Elder Roorda has, we use 4 phases. The Four Testaments: Ox, Lion, Eagle, Man. And Priest, King, Prophet, Jesus. Torah/Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact. ERH’s Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective. (For this latter, Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’ has wonderful summaries of the nation-state ‘revolutions’ in the West. A new imperative engenders new types of people and new types of speech, and then come new institutions, and then new planetary service.
Also in the material Doug has are the collection of hearts for the Tabernacle (Phase 1), for ‘they contributed as their hearts moved them.’ These are talents, or traumas, or ‘felt needs’ of parishioners. These are matured by questions of the various types, one anothering one another, unto the new name.
The new name is like unto the gemstones on the High Priest’s garments. In the ones on the breastplate, the sons of Jacob, there is Joseph. But he is not on the ones on the shoulder, he has matured to Manasseh and Ephraim. We have such a name on a gleaming stone, Rev. 2:17. And there is much more about naming.
So, as you listen to your parishioners—and I would suggest a priestly repeating back exactly, for then they know you are listening—you will find the seed of the name to come. Your psalmodic response to the essence will move them along also.
The full-fledged Symphony process is for much later. I have determined to my chagrin that my timing is far off, and that it is a multi-generational project.
But the process of maturation can be in the back of your mind, being used in wisdom, appropriately, I pray. When I die, copies of this material will be given to many.

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