Thursday, November 12, 2009

Speaking on 700-Year Wavelength? Day 1's Heart to Godparents for Eldsters

Speaking on 700-Year Wavelength: Day 1's Heart to Godparents for Eldsters.

Would help avoid control by nursing homes by use of 'zombie' drugs, etc. Pure religion and undefiled. Great responses from people I've broached it to. The key: Institution vs. institution. The 'eldercare' industry has techniques down pat vs. 'family,' in my judgm...ent. Would be like Peacemakers (Sande) in having books, procedures, workshops, etc., parachurchishly. PRAU, pronounced 'prow,' as in the first part of a ship.

This would be a 'light'. Day 1 was when light was created.

In theremainder of the Priest/King-Prophet-Gospel stages, and/or the Law/Lyric/Evaluation/Fact stages, and/or the Imperative/Subjective/Narrative/Objective stages, things such as the Memory Palace of MaeDay80 may be explored.

Chuck, as Day One

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