Friday, August 31, 2018

Local currencies: Africa, Korea, Earlham Iowa (1933)

Local currencies: Africa, Korea, Earlham Iowa (1933)

This is cause for optimism, if we can keep the grid up (Ted Koppel, establishment of the establishment has a book on this grid thing).

Africa uses cell phone minutes in emergencies, and other thing. Kenya will bu using local cryptocurrencies ('money 2.0') for economic development.  In 1933 Earlham, Iowa issued $100 (the city did) of trade coupons.  There was a shortage of money.

And now a province in South Korea has gone to Zug, Switzerland and learned how to replace gift certificates in 9 towns with a local encrypted currency.

Go for it! What next?  Where's the money--to whom, when--in this?

Chuck 'WWWITMIT" Hartman

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