Sunday, June 3, 2018

Too early for a quintillion 'polis' (pollys)?

Too early for a quintillion ‘polis’ (pollys)?
But not too early to think about it. (ERH: The only sin is to be too early or too late.—This would be ‘incubate’ of Listen. Read. Learn. Play. (Incubate) Doubt. Critique.  Protest. Win. Rule. Teach. Speak. Bequeath.)
Well, Jane Jacobs said cities are the best issuers of currency.
Theopolis—is it a city/community? A ‘polis’?
JBJ: We all live in the city now.
What city services does Theopolis provide? Webinars, emails, training, guest speakers.
Could it be like the Ancients in Anderson’s ‘Territory’? (Van Rijn)
Definitely not relief from Purgatory, that’s ‘free’. But…
How about a city that provides relief for famine-strciken, recounted in Doug Jones’ ‘Dismissing Jesus’?
For that, we should trace the development of science. (Note: Hartman claims that the scientific method is structurally a liturgy, applied to nature, the waters under, reality minus speech).
What services?  Maybe something similar to the agricultural science that monasteries provided to peasants and ERH relates in his history of the time from the Fall of Rome to the Truce of God, and  Berman says from that ToG—and mutual oath-taking—came founding of cities. One could even trace it through Cluny to Gregory VII?
Well, in ‘Anatomy of the State’ Rothbard says that monopoly of money is a key—but there are 13oo and more cryptocurrencies now, and the blockchain, I’ve heard, is even more basic, transactionally. Has the U.S. dollar become a cryptocurrency? Is this an opportunity for us, who are in the basics of basics business, and enterprise that seizes/offers (‘prise’) the Between/Way (‘enter’)?
Let’s take Creveld then. He says that ‘the state’ –organization instead of person—is failing because of lack of sound money for retirees (and 95 million Americans aren’t in the labor force!) and lack of justice.
A quintillion ‘pollys’ could handle the first, and Paul tells us to let the ‘least among you’ decide, rather than use pagan courts. I’ve though ‘Christian Court TV’ could be valuable, since Judge Judy made $47 million in 2016. There’s a market! ‘Mokhar it! Metathesis-wise.)
What would be a first step?

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Sell me some polis!' Hartman

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