Sunday, October 1, 2017

What's the imperative stem of John?

Dear Gentles:
Rosenstock wrote in 'Magnat Carta Latina' that all Latin verb forms were derived from a shorter imperative stem.
Were we able to find the imperative stem of a book of the Bible, such as John, we could then develop from that.
We could develop a small, enthusiastic group to develop this imperative stem, so that, as new technology allows us greater reach in a shorter time, as old groups are destroyed, we could make new groups, tribes without perpetual warfare.
Were these formed by 'true speech,' behind which we put our lives, we would have the basis for a 49-book, jubilee, society.
So, what's the imperative stem of John?

Love in King Jesus,

ChuckCharlie 'rainbow wearing green for Season of Pentecost' Hartman
PS: If, as Wikipedia hints, the stones in Revelation are red, green, yellow, blue, each with transparent, opaque, and striped examples, that would make a dodecatotality of a new 12and1 tribe of tribes, were we able to find an old example, and an example to come, rainbow-wise.
PPS: As Williams responded to thos who said, 'Ted, you could hit .600 against the Boudreau shift if you just dumped the ball into left,' 'But I'd lose my rhythmic swing!,' I say there's a great opportunity to obey The Commission by writing an ebook about Church Year Colors Evangelism, for someone, but not me.

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  1. 'Believe' was suggested, and use of Greek roots and matches given. I replied: Thanks, ___. I dug these up also, for consideration. 1—ERH thinks the Gospels are, respectively toward Tribe –Jews as tribe?-- (Matthew), Empire (Mark), Israel (Luke) and Greeks (John). 2—Bullinger ‘Behold your God,' for John, while Matthew is ‘Israel’s King,’ Mark is ‘Jehovah’s servant,' and Luke is ‘ideal Man’.
    Much is yet to be discovered, and then comes the development of an ofspeg!
    Love in King Jesus,

    PS: Bulinger has a list of over 30 Greek words that are predominantly in John. He does not mention ‘’believe’. I wonder how Cascione’s ‘Repetition’ principles would work on these? Thanks again!