Friday, May 8, 2015

Control the music--if you want to control something

If you want to control something, control the music. 


It's probably a good thing that I can't post a new topic at this time, as I am between computers, but, under the influence of the first few pages of Jones' 'Dyonysos Rising' I think this is one solution to the FED situation.

1--Think Synesthesia--that the sensory input usually associated with one sense, say, smell, is sensed with another sense, say, sight.  That is, some people see smells, and vice versa.  Oliver Sacks has written on this.

2--Recognize that 'the economy' is a musical composition.  Misesians say that the rhythm is disrupted by the FED's (Federal Reserve's) artificial injection of money.  What is harmony?  It's the mutual indwelling in economic transactions, downstream from the Trinity. Re; Bledsoe's whence profit question, that mutual indwelling reflects the Spirit's making creation bigger, or/and is, under the Spirit, that which does so...preliminarily thought.  The melody would/could be something such as McCloskey's 'Bourgeois Dignity' contention that @ 1700 in NW Europe and England the trader/innovator began to be honored rhetorically and financially, within the values of prudence, temperance, justice, courage, and faith, hope and charity.

3--Now, we take the principle of the Theopolitan argument for singing Psalms, and and the synesthetic observation that there are Great Unknown Songs in the patterns of the Bible.  'GUT,' not a grand unification theory, but good.  The Twelve are not in the Bible in chronological order, neither are the Epistles.  Why?  Maybe these were inspired to be tunes?

Put the twelve minor prophets in chronological order on a piano (I omit Shoenberg (?) 12-tone, and the argument about well-tempering, and solfeggio).  Start here, it's simple.  Then play the tune in the order of The Twelve in the Bible.  That's a melody, especially when one uses the lengths of the respective books as the lengths of the notes. Would that be something such as rhythm and melody?  Harmony would be what makes this sound 'good,' though our 'feeling' may not be what God desires, but that we conform to His.

For 14 Epistles (red flag!) that would be two octaves of white keys.  The Twelve uses black keys.

4--Where would these tunes be in worship?  I ask this because culture is from cultus, and worship is the ur-cultus.

PS: Schopenhauer: 'Music...the immediate language of the will.....the constitutive element of the world.' 'Dyonosos, p. 73.

Compare p. 40, Oesterle in Thomist 1951: '...the end of music: the tonal representation of the movement of the emotions in conformity with reason. ...'

Love in King Jesus,

PS: The great marketer Jay Abraham, who is giving away free 50 great compilations of his work --he seeks high-paying clients -- has said that a PS is a second headline.  My first was the quote from JBJ, above.  My second is that maybe I should hire Paul Buckley to edit a group of tunes based on the above premises, the GUTs --and there may be more! -- as an ebook, with tunes embedded or linked, so that Hannah Roorda Montgomery, Jamie Soles, the Buckley himself, and others could move this project along.  There are ways with AdSense to make this very profitable, for 'If you outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall,' or 'Mutually indwell with house rules, okoos nomos, transactions.  Law, Gospel, Beauty/Appropriateness.

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  1. Don't forget about organized crime, a significant portion of Gross World Product.

    Don't forget something in the nature of Rothbard's method of figuring the sum of the economy--he SUBTRACTS 'government' spending.

    Love in King Jesus,