Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Serious. Baptisciple These 2 ElectroniContinents!

Baptisciple These 2 ElectroniContinents!

We start with Matthew 28, and eventually we will ask:  Are these ElectroniContinents ethne (if I have the Greek right)? 

Then, if they are,  how should someone proceed to baptisciple them?   Maybe I should give money for a missionary?

[A few notes will interrupt the argument, in order to give background.  A—Someone has quoted Webster’s 1828 as defining a nation as ‘blood, soil, covenant’. B—Baptisciple has shades of ‘going, disciple, baptizing, teaching,’ and ‘Build A Peace Tribe (a Facebook Page, little used).  Also, Hugo (the Hugos) Gernsback’s ‘scientifiction,’ and of course, ‘deliverdict’.  That’s context. Oh, I don’t use ElectroniCountries because we are not at that stage now, and do the 200+ countries in the UN qualify as ‘ethne,’ or would it be more like the Kurds, who live in 3 countries, that is an ‘ethne’—Bledsoe says Boulder and Cambridge are the frontiers, for we know how to evangelize tribes.]

#1 candidate is from Joran Lanier’s book ‘Who Owns the Future?’.  He is worried about Big Data, and wants a system in which participants in social media are also direct owners and/or profiteers.  I would say that he’s worried that Big Data will railroad us, the future.  He has a great example of a privatized community using the legal contracts used for apps for a lemonade stand.  It’s scary.  Using 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, a person might get to someone who could do something here.  But the question is, about this #1 and the upcoming #2 ElectroniContinents, are they Matthew 28 ethne, and if so….

#2 is below.  Hat Tip, Blacklisted News.  What caught my eye was the talk of ‘start-up government, or an electronic nature.. 

Here’s more.

I comment: I think he's talking about self-governing communities:CHH

From the article: He gave the example of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana (CIC), which he described as a “start-up government” that wants to provide basic services to its citizens and manage resources in a more efficient, democratic way than the state.
The article’s URL: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/the-dark-wallet-developers-plan-for-startup-governments-run-on-bitcoin

The Cooperative Integary Catalana’s URL: http://cooperativa.cat/en/

Finally, yes, this is a serious question, maybe one of the Big Six in the 153Culture.

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