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Third Mountain in Exodus: People, Building, Transitions

Dear Gentlesl:

Let's try this for communicating in Symbol, the Language.

I remind myself that we are communicating about the 153 fish.

JBJ has written that 153 is something, I think it was called a triangle, of 17. 17 is a number that is all through the Psalms. One at the base, then 2, then 3, etc. is building a triangle.  When we get to 17, the total, 1 +2 + 3, etc. up to 17 is 153.

But we will be doing something different.  We will be building a mountain of words, of transitions.

Numbers, Words, Names--ERH says the the waters under are 'number,' the earth beneath 'words,' and the heavens above, 'names'.


Back to Sinai.

One mountain is the tabernacle.  It has bronze, silver, and gold levels.

Another mountain is the elders over 10s, 50, 100s, 1000s.

Can we make a mountain of transitions?  That would be associated with names, for a vocative is half an imperative, and we, in the image of God, speak and hand to 'dress' the Garden of Creation.

So I'm saying that we are in some way naming, not numbering, we we able to make another mountain of transitions.

Can we do that?

I think so, if we look multiperspectivally.  One perspective on the Ten Words is that all can be seen in terms of any one.  'Don't steal,' for instance, applies to 'No other gods,' 'no idols,' etc.

That’s one perspective.

Another is this:  Can we build a mountain of transitions?  For instance, what is the transition from ‘No other gods,’ to ‘No idols’?  Let’s think of it as a minor premise.  The major premise would be ‘No other gods,’ the minor premise is what we are looking for, and the conclusion is ‘no idols’.

[It’s easier with the prologue and the First Word.  Major premise:I am the Lord your God, who brought you our of …. bondage.’ ‘Your rescuer is your exclusive god’ would be the minor premise. ‘Have no other gods before Me’ would be the conclusion.  But we aren’t using the prologue at this time]

Back to the minor premise/transition between the First Word and the Second Word—what would it be. Could it be ‘Idols are (false’) gods’?  Let’s say so.  ‘Have no other gods’. ‘Idols are false gods’. ‘Have no idols.

Let’s do 2 and 2.  ‘No idols.’ And ‘Don’t carry the Lord’s name emptily’.  Minor premise? ‘If you carry the Lord’s name emptily, you are worshiping through idols.’

I am unable to devote the time in this attempt, this essay, to make all the transition names, but you can see that I would have to make a layer of 9 transitions for the Ten words.  Then, the next layer would be 8 transition for the 9 first layer transitions.  Then it would be 7 second layer transitions for the 8 first layers, etc.  What would be the One Transition?  That would be good to know. 

It would be equivalent, this One Transition, to the peaks of the other two mountains:  Moses, at the top of the mountain of judges, and the Holy of Holies at the top of the mountain of the building, the Tabernacle. Moses gives the word of judgment, thus words in earth beneath. If there are 365 (pillars?) in the tabernacle, or other significant numbers, the tabernacle would be numbers, the waters under. (It’s more, but this is an exploration—the Tabernacle represents the world, Israel, Christ, etc…)

What is the 2nd layer transition between the two transitions we have so far?  Between the First Word and the Second Word we have, per above:  ‘Your rescuer is your exclusive God,’ call that ‘A’.  And from 2 to 3, or ‘B,’ we have ‘If you carry the Lord’s name emptily, you are worshiping through idols.’

How do we get from A to B?  That’s for another time.  And to do this 9 +8 +7 +6 +5 +4 + 3+ 2 times to get to the One Transition, as Moses transitions us through the Wilderness, and the Holy of Holies is a transition (once a year, through the High Priest?...), that would be a piece of work.

I don’t see how 45 is of significance, though!

But this does show that it’s not all numbers, that the Language, Symbol is much more.  I thought here above in ‘mountain’.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck ‘Charlie TwelvePages’ Hartman
PS: In Joran Lanier’s ‘You Are Not A Gadget,’ he discusses language, a new language, using the example of cuttlefish, who can play pictures on their skins to communicate.  It is valuable, this discussion, though he divides the world up differently, saying that all our languages now are symbols.  In another of his works, ‘Who Owns The Future?,’ he opens the discussion of preventing Big Data from being (my terms) like the railroads, as in ‘railroaded without a trial’.

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