Sunday, May 12, 2013

At Ascension, the universe was retuned! Rev. 5:12-7:12

I should write on every post that mentions Mother's Day that at Ascension (shown in Revelation 5:12 compared to Revelation 7:12, the universe is retuned by circle of fifths.  The universe is retuned.

This is similar to the process by which we obtained the names of our days of the week in English/Europe, as shown by the inclusion of names of deities of the 'planets' and the planets themselves.

Consider: The Moon is closest to Earth, 1.  Then Venus is 2, Mercury 3, Sun is four, then Mars-5, Jupiter-6, Saturn-7.  But retuning this, start with 7 and then do 1234 (a total of 5) and you get...Sun(day).  5 more (45671) and you get Moon...Day. Etc.  2 and 3 are switched. The reasons will  be reasoned out.

From Jordan's Commentary on Revelation, the big one.

[I think there'a another retuning] Also, instruments were added, singing, and 'the' in front of each name of the attributes of Christ that were retuned.

The universe was retuned!

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