Monday, April 15, 2013


The art form of the next era.

Engendering peace in a neo-tribal era that we enter now.

I propose that the national revolutions of the West, the scientific method, and traditional worship orders in the church (liturgy) follow the same 5-step pattern.

'Sing A New Era!' follows that pattern.

To circle back around, this pattern applied to the heavens above is worship liturgy. Applied to the waters under the earth, it's the scientific method. SANE! ('Sing A New Era!') applies it to the earth beneath, people.

Circling again, I follow Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy's Universal History 1954 challenge, that the next 1000 years, however long that it, will focus on the challenges of sociology. offers all his Dartmouth lectures on a DVD, written, for $30, and a selection of recorded ones. I recommend the DVD with Universal History 1954. Also see For the revolutions of the West as they follow ERH's speech-method, see Chapter 5 of Gardner's 'Beyond Belief'.

Now, to sum up, what I do is that I show this method by example. 1--I call 10 people in, via their talent or trauma. As Mr. Monk modified would say, a talent is a blessing--and a cross. 2--These folks are encouraged that they are able to turn this being called in, the talent/trauma, into something great by going through the method that was used, this 5-step method used in the scientific method and order of worship. 3--We interact. Comprehensive History Interactive. One anothering one another. This is not a top-down process, but a conducted one: train conductor, electricity conductor, orchestra conductor. 4--After each one and the group have been transformed, each one sings a solo, summarizing--and the conductor summarizes all, by a symphony, I call it. 5--This is then taken out for what ERH calls planetary service.

Circling again. I 'rhyme' several of these 5-step processes. Sayers' cuddle-story-parrot-pert-poet. Jordan's law-lyric-evaluation-fact-new torah/instruction. Jordan's liturgy: call, Cleanse, Consecrate, Commune, Commission. ERH's Imperative-Subjective-Narrative-Objective unto Planetary Service. North's Transcendence-Hierarchy-Ethics-Oaths and Sanctions-Succession, and his Who's in charge? To whom do I report? What are the rules? What happens if I follow the rules, if I don't? Does this outfit have a future?

And more.

The process is fun and transforming, face to face. To 'play' (do, be, compose...) all 12 parts is cruciating. Cruciating because one is torn in many ways. One must do an initiatory move toward all parts of the universe of this house of conversation each week, and then respond to these respective universes of initiation...all while being pulled from the end (the solos), and pushed from the beginning (the talent/trauma).

I do The Symphony of History, Opus 47: From Creation Speech to New Song, Singing as well as a 'fill-in-the-blanks' version.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: For many, their 'resurrection' will not at this time be religious, but some new way of thinking, some major change. As ERH spoke in one of his lectures: If you
ever in your life had a bright idea, or a new instinct, or a
new change of heart,
Sir, make this the cornerstone of your understanding
of the universe and you
will understand that the universe begins with creation. And
it ends in incarnation, because that's the experience of every potent and creative
man in the world.
But you look outside and try to deduce by your little brain,
not by your experience of your heart how the world begins, and how it should be
run. You'll never
solve it, gentlemen. You'll remain a selfish, inarticulate
animal. If the spirit moves
you, you will see how simple
things are, gentlemen. Love begins, and hope
keeps you going, and faith. And in the end, your grandchildren
will bless you.
PPS: Much more.

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