Monday, October 31, 2011

A Baker's Dozen About Time for Altucher

Time? A baker's dozen things about time. 1--Show me a man's schedule, and I'll show you who he is. 2--Show me a society's calendars, and I'll tell you what she is. 3--Four major calendars are survivals of social orders of the past. 4--Community calendars are tribal. 5--Business/work calendars are from empires. 5--Ecclesiastical calendars are from Israel. 6--Educational calendars are from Greece. 7--To change a society, change her calendar The French Revolution tried it. The Gregorian Calendar is a key. The date of Easter has been much argued over. 8--Linear time/progress in necessary to go forward. 9--Remember time(s), gain the future. The Bible's Fifth Word about honoring your father and mother, expanded, and 'living long and prospering' in the land the Lord gives you. Societally, 10--There are chiasms and 'formings and fillings'. 11--Rosenstock-Huessy's 'Multiformity of Man' discusses these best. Free online at 12--And Gary North.

The Bakers Dozen item: Time and times are spoken/written into existence. Peace treaties, times of marriage, imago Dei.

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Should have added: Conduct time? 1--As railroad conductor. 2--As electricity transformer, for when a good man dies, great power is released into the field of time. 3--As an orchestra conductor, the score being written.

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