Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holidays organize societies. Here's a 'new' one to 'organ'-ize the next era: 'The Battle'

Holidays organize societies. Here's a 'new' one to 'organ'-ize the next era: 'The Battle'

In the proposed calendar, House Of Singing Times (HOST) is one of the holidays that writes a covenant sequence on the year.

By following this, we are shaped.

There are many calendars. The eternal one is that of the Life of Christ and our response--Church Year.

There are work calendars, community calendars (4th of July, Tulip Time), academic calendars, etc. Sports seasons, biological events, and others are not remnants of orders of civilization, in Rosenstock-Huessy's thought. Community=tribal, work=empires, ecclesiastical=Israel, academic=Greek.

It's easiest to think of The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly as Sinai. Public Vindication would be the Red Sea, and Total Christ would be the conquest of the Land. In liturgical worship services, these are, respectively, Confession=PV, Sermon=TBOTMOFA, total Christ (Totus Christus) = Communion.

As we participate in HOST over the years, we mature.

And The Symphony of Peace (History) BRIEFLY explained in this poor quality video, would be part of this maturation, since it recapitulates and glorifies the process by which God matured Israel of Old. [Since this video, much has been added, in my mind, so that we would become a better singing song, but the Symphony (TSOH/HOST, you see) is cruciating, it is painful. It is dragvolution.

'I believe in dragvolution. God lovingly drags us into His future, changing us. As we are torn in the present between the future and the past, between in and out, our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.

(Faintly: Rests—absences—are as important as notes—presences.)'

Imagine if a congregation composed/sang/was/did a Symphony per year (coram)! What a record of matruation!

Love in King Jesus,

PS: In my photos, I have a one-pager of the calendarHOST for this 'year,' Easter to Easter. More layers of rhymes will be added. Thanks to Facebook for making this easier to share.

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